Ólafsvíkur- og Ingjaldshólsparishes

Homepage of Ólafsvíkur- og Ingjaldshólsparishes in the national lutheran evangeligal church of Iceland

The title of the church is our church (kirkjan okkar).

The Parish priest is Óskar Ingi Ingason. Telefonenumber in his office is 436-6920.

He can be reached on Tuesdays in Ingjaldshólschurch between 11-12 am (tel. 436-6970), Wednesdays and Thursdays between  in Ólafsvíkurchurch (tel.436-1375) 11-12 am and in tel. 844-5858 and by e-mail at prestur (at) kirkjanokkar.is

Sermons and articles by him on trú.is.


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